Pryce Fight Ends Early As Solberg Dominates

As Day 3 dawned upon the Roger Albert Clark Rally, the crews found themselves amidst the chilly embrace of a very cold Scotland, with temperatures plummeting to -6 degrees around 5:30 in the morning, Adding an extra layer of challenge to the already demanding stages

Amidst the frosty backdrop, most crews adopted a cautious approach as they tackled the challenge of (SS15). However, Oliver Solberg, undeterred by the cold, continued to build on his impressive form from Day 2. The young talent displayed his prowess once again by claiming the fastest time, extending his lead in the rally.

Osian Pryce wasn't one to be outdone. Responding with determination on SS16, he shared the fastest time with Barry McKenna, proving that the battle for the top spot was far from over. Pryce's pace was relentless, as he finished five seconds faster than the rally leader, Oliver Solberg, successfully reducing the gap to 42 seconds.

The Roger Albert Clark Rally took a dramatic turn on Day 3 as Osian Pryce's spirited attack faced an unfortunate halt on the very next stage. Pryce's rally came to an abrupt end when he stopped with a mechanical issue on SS17 Glengap 1. Leaving Oliver Solberg in a commanding position, seemingly out on his own with a lead of over 3 minutes and 41 seconds after the Glengap challenge.

With the pressure alleviated, Solberg found himself in a comfortable position to relax and focus on maintaining a clean and safe run through the remainder of theday, Despite this SS18 demonstrated no let-up from the Swedish sensation as he completed Glencaird Hill 1, finishing 10 seconds ahead of Marty McCormack.

SS19 and SS22 had been canceled early on, narrowing the rally down to just two remaining stages. Despite the reduced competition, Solberg remained composed and determined. On Glengap 2 (SS20), he further extended his lead, finishing a 13 seconds ahead of his closest rival.

The final run over Glencaird Hill 2 (SS21) showcased Solberg's dominance, as he claimed another stage with, a comfortable 11-second lahead of McCormack.

The loss of the Osian Pryce so early into the day especially after looking like he had the bit between his teeth to comeback at Solberg throughout the remainder of the day was dissapointing, The withdrawal left Solberg with a lead of over four minutes to Marty McCormack who had a solid run despite a small off and damage to his steering rack earlier in the day, Jason Pritchard holds third just over six minutes down on Solberg.

Overall after SS21

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