Motorsport Ireland Launch Strategic Plan

Motorsport Ireland launch new strategic plan for 2024-2027

As part of Motorsport Ireland’s ongoing commitment to the sport, the organisation is delighted to launch its new strategic plan, a document which will guide the direction of the organisation until the end of 2027. The plan will provide an overall strategic vision for motorsport in Ireland, from grassroots through to international level and sets the context for future strategic decisions.

The plan is built around 5 key strategic pillars:

• Leading our sport and safeguarding the future

• Having a club and member focus

• Building people and capacity

• Developing pathways and participation

• Promotion and communication

Speaking on the unveiling of the plan, Motorsport Ireland President Aiden Harper commented; “The launch of our new strategic plan is a key moment for Motorsport Ireland. I am hugely grateful for all those who had an input into the creation and content of this document. Having survived a challenging period during the pandemic, I believe this plan will be a cornerstone as Motorsport Ireland drives forward with renewed positivity and growth. It is the absolute intent of Motorsport Ireland to deliver on this plan and I will establish a dedicated steering committee who will monitor the progress of the plan and update clubs on a quarterly basis. The plan is robust and achievable. Working collaboratively we can achieve our goals and strengthen our sport, ensuring longevity and relevance in a changing world. Motorsport in Ireland is strong and out future is stronger.”

Motorsport Ireland Sporting Manager Art McCarrick said; “This is an exciting moment for our sport. It is always important to look at motorsport in the context of the wider world and where we fit within it. Motorsport is a very broad church in terms of the disciplines it covers and the profile of our clubs and competitors. This plan has been crafted acknowledging that. Every key decision made by Motorsport Ireland over the coming years will be made with this plan in mind.”

Motorsport Ireland strategic plan

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