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Day 4 - Rallye Monte Carlo

Day 4 - Rallye Monte Carlo

Welcome to the final day of Rallye Monte Carlo 

SS15 La Bréole / Selonnet 3 - 18.31 km

Neuville Thierry - Wydaeghe M.

"That's good. It was a big push, toward the end it was a bit more careful. Happy with my time"

Ogier Sébastien - Landais V.

"It was interesting conditions with some ice in places. Could have been faster in places."

Evans Elfyn - Martin Scott

"Quite OK, too careful at the end there. Difficult to judge."

The penultimate stage of Rallye Monte-Carlo

SS16 Digne-les-Bains / Chaudon-Norante - 19.01 km

Munster Grégoire - Louka Louis - 11:31.0

"It was really strange, just 200m before time control is was completely frozen. We didn't know what to expect from the gravel crew. There's a lot of salt in there so thats heating up the tires"

Katsuta Takamoto - Johnston Aaron - 11:24.7

"Black ice and frost in many places. It wasn't so easy, especially at the beginning."

Mikkelsen Andreas - Eriksen T. - 11:34.7

"I can't really let loose, but thats how it is"

Ogier Sébastien - Landais V.

"It was a bit over after the first one anyway. We have done decent, but he's done better. Well done to him. I don't take silly risk, its not really worth it"

Evans Elfyn - Martin Scott

"Not really happy, it was alright. But thats it"

Neuville Thierry - Wydaeghe M.

"It was nice. It's hard to judge the speed, it was much slippier than expected at the beginning but overall it felt good. The focus is on the powerstage now"


Its heating up in WRC2

SS17 La Bollène-Vésubie / Col de Turini[Power Stage] - 14.80 km

With just 14.8km to go on Col de Turini (SS17) and a 13.5-second lead over Sébastien Ogier, it’s starting to look good for Thierry Neuville, leader of the 92nd Monte-Carlo Rally and fastest on SS16 between Digne-les-Bains and Chaudon-Norante (16.01km), in order to show, one more time, who is the boss this year.


In a nail-biting showdown at Rallye Monte-Carlo, Thierry Neuville emerged victorious after a thrilling battle against nine times winner Sébastien Ogier.


Neuville Takes Monte Win (

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