Day 4 LIVE - Roger Alber Clark Rally

Day 4 LIVE - Roger Alber Clark Rally

Welcome to our LIVE text commentary and results from day 4 at Kielder Forest

SS23 Kershope 1 - 26.99 km

A very tricky stage causing carnage with many crews off in the stage due.

Oliver Solberg fastest by six seconds over Ben Friend who set the second fastest time, Seb Perez third fastest in the stage.

We have a podium position stage with Jason Pritchard stopping for a puncture two corners into the stage.

SOLBERG " Bloody hell. extremly difficult, i see why its called killer Kielder"

SS24 Kershope 2 - 26.99 km

The second run through Kershope after service, How will the stage look after the first run through the very tricky stage?

Times Provisional

Oliver Solberg fastest with a time of 17:19 "Much more grip, no ice, just mud, good run"

Marty McCormack 17:33 "Nicer stage, engine flat, apart from that all good"

A mega quote from Marty's Co-Driver Barney Mitchell "The Titanic would of been quicker this morning"

Perez 18:04, Half spin and stall, But a clean run other than that.

Cathan McCourt closing on Perez with a 17:44 on the stage

Jason Pritchard - reports of another puncture on the stage.

SS25 Mount Common 1 - 26.44 km

Solberg takes the fastes time 20s faster than Barry McKenna, With Marty McCormack third fastest on the stage

SS26 Harwood 1 - 17.40 km

Solberg continues to take stage win over stage win, 11s faster than Marty McCormack with Barry McKenna third fastest on the stage

SS27 Mount Common 2 - 26.44 km

SS28 Harwood 2 - 17.40 km

BREAKING NEWS - Solberg out with mechanical issue


"We have stopped on SS28 with a broken driveshaft! We are incredibly sad to retire from such a fantastic event after having such a good time until now.

A special thanks to Elliot for an incredible job with the unfamiliar pace notes. Thank you to the fans and spectators on this event for all of your support"

We have a new rally leader, Marty McCormack now leads after the retirement of Oliver Solberg

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