Day 3 LIVE - Roger Albert Clark Rally

Day 3 LIVE - Roger Albert Clark Rally

Welcome to day 3 - LIVE text commentary, Results & Reaction from a very cold Scotland this morning.

Organisers have announced that SS19 - SS22 Arroch Hill has been cancelled.

SS15 Ae - 14.15 km

Oliver Solberg continues to extend his lead by three seconds over Osian Pryce, A little more grip in the stage than expected, most crews a little too cautious.


We are off to a very good start this morning on leg 2 of the Roger Albert Clark, in some tricky conditions - winning SS15 by 3 Seconds

Oliver Solberg


SS16 Dalbeattie - 7.55 km

Osian Pryce responds taking five seconds out of Solbergs lead through SS2, A stunning time through the short 7.5km stage, Reducing the overall lead to 42s.

Barry McKenna/James Fulton match the time of Pryce and climb up to 22nd overall.

Marty McCormack drops time and sits on identical times with Jason Pritchard in third overall.

We will get reaction from the crews after SS17 in service

SS17 Glengap 1 - 15.72 km


Osian Pryce - The end of the RAC journey… totally gutted

All change at the top with reports of engine failure for Osian Pryce, Solberg takes fastest time on the stage with Marty McCormack 14s down with the second fastest time, Richard Tuthill takes third fastest time in his Porsche 911.

SS18 Glencaird Hill 1 - 17.16 km

We are awaiting the front runners, Currently in SS18

Solberg fastest with a time of 9:34

Solberg continues to take fastest stage times " Nice to be here, extremely rough, we tried to be safe, a good flow to the stage and fast, but very loose, Its unfortunate about Osian"

McCormack - "Good morning, had a slight off this morning and bent the steering rack, but all good"

Oliver Solberg

A few timing issues in relation to SS18, But the Top 3 remain unchanged.

Overall after SS18

SS20 Glen Gap 2 - 15.72 km

Solberg in total control, No risk taking but still manging to extend with another fastest time, McCormack thirteen seconds down in the stage with Dyfrig James taking the third fastest time.


"So far so good! It is so cool to be rallying on all of these iconic stages! This is definitely a big, big challenge but whoaah, what an experience!

SS21 Glencaird Hill 2 - 17.16 km

Another day of domination for Solberg, Winning all but one of todays stages, The brief fight back fromOsian Pryce ended early with mechanical issues.

With SS22 cancelled, Thats all from today, Our report will be uploaded very shortly to the latest news.

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